Relationship Counseling for Men

Are You Struggling To Feel Connected, Valued or Understood?

Relationship Counseling for Men - Brandon, FL - Philip Fauerbach, LMHCAre you having a hard time fostering healthy, satisfying relationships? Do you feel unheard or misunderstood when speaking with your partner? You know you are successful in your professional life, but when you try and use your professional talents in your relationship it just doesn’t work. This often leaves men confused and wondering if something is wrong with them. If you are noticing problems in your relationship or feeling uneasy about the future, it can be difficult to recognize the root cause of the issues and respond to them. Perhaps you are aware of going through similar challenges in the past, but, despite your best efforts, you keep repeating the same relationship patterns. Maybe you and your partner continue to fall into the same arguments, and you find yourself using the same unproductive or defensive responses, such as shouting or shutting down. You might believe the best thing you can do for your relationship is to avoid the issue and hope it blows over. Your partner may have told you that you need to be more present and emotionally available, but you aren’t sure what that means or who you can turn to for answers. Alternately, you may struggle to enter into relationships and feel like you never have the chance to build a meaningful connection.

Men and women often use different styles of communication, and you may not be confident in your ability to “speak her language.” You may feel like you are responding to your partner’s questions or concerns clearly and carefully, but she never seems to hear what you are trying to say. Are communication challenges preventing you from finding the right partner or addressing and resolving relationship issues? Do you wish you knew how to be emotionally open and available with your partner so you could feel safe, confident and connected in your relationship?

All Men Face Relationship Challenges

We all go through times when we feel confused and don’t know how to convey our thoughts and feelings to our partners. Whether trying to meet someone new or having a conversation with a long-term partner, men and women sometimes experience situations, events and communication differently. When your partner shares a problem, you may automatically think that you have to take action or find a solution, but your partner may just want you to listen. Similarly, you and your partner might attach different significance to physical intimacy and sex, which can lead to misunderstandings and additional relationship challenges.

Relationship Counseling for Men - Brandon, FL - Philip Fauerbach, LMHCThere is no place where we are taught how to be in a good relationship. As a result, you may be left in the dark about ways to connect with your partner or discuss difficult topics, such as finances, parenting or intimacy. You might recognize that communication in your relationship has taken on an attack-and-defend dynamic, but feel unsure how to get back to the fun, affection and connection you used to enjoy. You may feel helpless to understand or change your own relationship situation.

But, there is hope. With relationship counseling for men, you can learn to recognize and communicate your wants and needs with your partner so you can feel more confident in your ability to express yourself and build connection.

Improve Communication And Connection With Relationship Counseling For Men

Whether you are struggling to find the right partner or you feel dissatisfied in your current relationship, it is possible to change your situation. It takes courage to commit to understanding and addressing relationship challenges, either individually or with your partner. With relationship counseling for men at my office in Brandon, FL, you can identify communication issues and other obstacles that are preventing you from feeling valued, loved and satisfied with your romantic life. When you learn how to listen with understanding and find relief during times of stress, anxiety or anger, you can avoid many communication pitfalls and relationship issues.

I tailor my approach and our sessions to your particular challenges and goals. If you are currently in a relationship, you may choose to work in a one-on-one basis before bringing your partner in for couples counseling. I will take the time to understand your situation and help you look at your relationship, internal challenges and communication from a new perspective. You can learn practical tools and techniques, such as breathing exercises, to help manage stress or anxiety so you can communicate your thoughts more clearly with your partner. You can sort out your emotions and clarify what it is you want and need to feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship. And, as you gain increased confidence and relationship skills, you may feel comfortable inviting your partner to attend sessions so you can work through any remaining issues as a couple.

Fostering a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling relationship is about more than being able to couple talking animated kind good lightunderstand and share your experience, however. During relationship counseling for men, I help you learn to be present and emotionally available for your partner, even when you may be confused about your own emotions. When you listen for understanding, you are giving the other person your full attention and being emotionally present – mind, body and soul. Rather than preparing yourself for an argument, pushback or offense, you can focus on the experience and emotions your partner is sharing with you. By looking at the other person and making physical contact – holding hands or touching – you can deepen your connection and help yourself stay present and emotionally available for your partner.

In addition to providing effective relationship skills, I offer education and resources to help you better understand how you can articulate yourself and connect in your relationship. You can learn to share your own experience and emotions rather than telling your significant other what she is or isn’t doing. Instead of starting a statement about her with “You are,” for example, begin with “I am.” While it can be difficult to share your emotions and vulnerability with your partner, it is an invaluable step in fostering a loving relationship.

I have been helping men understand and respond to relationship issues for years. I understand the challenges you are facing and provide a safe space where you can find solutions, either individually or with your partner. Using a compassionate, nurturing and direct approach, I will strive to support your personal and relationship growth. With help, you can identify and address relationship issues and gain the confidence and skills you need to enter and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

You may think relationship counseling for men could help but still have questions or concerns…

I’m worried I’ll end up working with a female therapist. Will I be meeting with Philip directly?

Many men feel more comfortable discussing their issues with a male therapist, and I appreciate your concerns. You and I will work together, and I never ask you to meet with a female therapist during relationship counseling for men. I have been helping men recognize and address a wide variety of relationship challenges, and I have the understanding, experience and resources to help you understand your own situation. I take an active and direct approach during relationship counseling for men, giving you the level of support, feedback and skills you need to reach your relationship goals.

I never feel confident, satisfied or loved in my relationships. Can relationship counseling for men really help?

I offer a safe space and compassionate, nonjudgmental support so you can feel comfortable exploring your thoughts, worries and fears. Coming into therapy gives you an opportunity to talk through difficult situations or self-doubt in a natural and authentic way. I will offer you a combination of education and tools that can help you learn how to connect, both with your significant other and in your professional relationships.

adults affectionate vulnerable embraceWon’t talking about my relationship problems just make things worse?

You may worry that you’ll find out your relationship issues are your fault or that there is something wrong with you, but the challenges you are experiencing – and your responses – are natural. You may not have the resources, skills, awareness or support you need to effectively address your difficulties. While it can be difficult to understand and address ineffectual relationship patterns, it is an important step in achieving personal and relationship growth.

You Can Feel Confident And Loved

If you need help fostering and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship, or if you have additional questions about relationship counseling for men, I invite you to call my office in Brandon, Florida at (813) 651-1221 to schedule an initial appointment.