Anxiety Treatment

Are You Overwhelmed By Fear And Uncertainty About The Future?Anxiety Treatment

  • Do you feel trapped in spinning thoughts that make it difficult to focus at work or home?
  • Do you worry that your struggles or lack of confidence mean you are weak or losing control?
  • Is anxiety or doubt getting in the way of building a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner?
  • Do you experience an overriding feeling of dread when you think about the future?
  • Are you worried that you will be judged or that you just aren’t as capable as others?

You might believe that you owe your current position or relationship to luck or chance, rather than who you are or what you can do. Obsessive thoughts or compulsive behavior may be interfering with your ability to stay focused and keep up with personal and professional obligations. Or, you might suffer uncomfortable or distressing physical symptoms, such as panic attacks, profuse sweating, tightness in the chest or difficulty breathing. Maybe you have rushed to the emergency room, believing you were having a heart attack, only to be discharged with a recommendation to seek counseling.

You may fear that you are losing control, but after struggling alone for so long, you question whether anxiety treatment can truly help you find relief. Do you wish you could understand why you feel anxious and foster a calmer, more peaceful life?

Anxiety TreatmentAnxiety Impacts Everyone Differently

Anxiety is part of a natural survival technique that keeps us safe. It helps us be more aware of our surroundings, enhancing our readiness to engage in a “fight-or-flight” response. However, when it occurs too often or gets to be too much for us to manage and process, anxiety can begin to interfere with many aspects of our lives, from work performance to relationships. Chronic stress and anxiety affect many individuals throughout our society. But, fears and doubts about yourself and your emotions can leave you feeling like you are completely alone. Because anxiety impacts everyone differently, it can be hard to find the right treatment approach for your situation and needs.

Many individuals have dealt with stress, anxiety and depression since they were young. For others, the experience can be new and frightening, making them feel as though they are losing their minds. It is common to turn to prescription medication in an effort to find immediate relief. But, over time you can build up a tolerance without ever developing the skills or understanding you need to manage difficult thoughts, emotions or physical symptoms.

Fortunately, there is a path to meaningful change and lasting recovery. Anxiety treatment can help you find relief from anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With the right resources and support, you can feel more relaxed, peaceful and confident.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Lasting ReliefAnxiety Treatment

When counseling combines education and specific interventions that you can use in your own life, anxiety treatment has been shown to be incredibly helpful in reducing anxiety severity and symptoms. I provide a safe space where you can explore and understand what anxiety is and why you are struggling. You can learn how to recognize and process anxious thoughts in a more productive manner, replacing ineffective coping strategies with healthier tools. By learning how to change the way you think about obstacles in your life, you can take greater control over your emotions and behavior.

During our sessions, I will teach you the specific tools and skills you need to recognize and cope with challenges. By learning breathing techniques and practicing them when you feel calm and safe, you can give yourself a powerful tool to fall back on when you feel too anxious to think straight. As you feel more confident about your ability to respond to anxiety symptoms, I also encourage you to increase your activity level. Research has shown that activity can play an important role in helping you to feel more energetic and recover from common issues, such as anxiety, OCD, PTSD and depression. I understand how difficult it can be to feel motivated as you are starting your recovery, and together we will develop a plan around your particular experiences, beliefs, wants and needs. Perhaps you would prefer to work out or go for a walk, for example, rather than journal or call a close friend.

Anxiety Treatment - Brandon, FL - Philip Fauerbach, LMHCAs we begin our work together, we will spend one or more sessions exploring your history and looking for patterns in your thinking, behavior and relationships. By taking the time to understand how you view the world and yourself, you can identify and change negative and inaccurate self-beliefs that may be triggering your anxiety. You can recognize how your thoughts trigger emotions and how your emotions lead to behavior. Whether you have struggled for many years or only recently started feeling anxious, anxiety treatment can help you find relief. You can learn to challenge harmful self-thoughts and turn mountains into more manageable speedbumps.

I have been helping individuals overcome personal and relationship challenges for over 25 years. In that time, I have seen how anyone can struggle with anxiety – and anyone can recover. We will work at your pace, with a focus on your unique needs. With anxiety counseling, you can find relief and feel calmer and more confident in your life.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about anxiety treatment…

How long will anxiety counseling take? I need relief now.

While it can take time to find lasting recovery, anxiety treatment can help you find immediate relief. My goal is that you always walk out of my office better than you walked in. Every session, you will gain new education, resources and skills to help you manage challenges and feel more confident and hopeful.

Will it make a difference in my relationship if I feel less anxious?

Learning to understand and manage anxiety in your life almost certainly will have an impact on your relationship. When you’re anxious, it can be difficult to escape your thoughts and make yourself emotionally available and receptive for your loved ones. With anxiety treatment, you can be more present in the moment and with your partner.

Can anxiety treatment help if I have OCD?

The strategies I use and the tools I provide to help lower anxiety can help with OCD, as well. However, our sessions will focus specifically on helping you find relief from the obsessive thoughts or compulsions that are interfering with your personal life, career and relationships. By learning to recognize, accept and work through triggers, you are taking a meaningful step toward removing the negative impact OCD has in your life.

You Can Feel Calm, Relaxed And Confident

You can take back control of your life and feel more peaceful and hopeful. If you are ready to get started, or if you have additional questions about anxiety treatment, I encourage you to call my office in Brandon, Florida at (813) 651-1221 to schedule an initial appointment.