About Philip J. Fauerbach, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health CounselorI am one of those lucky guys who always knew what I wanted to do. Going back to my high school year book I wrote, “I want to get a degree in psychology and have my own practice.” From a young age I was always the kid other kids came to with their problems. I enjoyed listening and did my best to be helpful. I was always curious why people thought and behaved the way they did. The journey to private practice has taken a little longer than I originally thought it would. But I have never wavered from working in the helping professions. I love what I do, and still get that same great feeling when I am part of someone’s growth now as I did when I first graduated from college some 40 years ago.

How I work:

I work in partnership with my clients. I bring my experience, training and listening skills; clients bring their expertise on themselves, their experiences and how they see themselves in their world. Together, in a calm and safe environment, we work to gain understanding and develop effective individualized treatment goals. Clients have often told me they have been to other counselors, but my style and the way I partner with them makes a positive difference. My goal is to always have you walk out of the office with more effective tools and feeling better then when you have walked in.

Why I chose my specialties:

Earlier in my career I was what was known as a generalist. I treated a wide variety of challenges, but my efforts to help everyone seemed to dilute the effectiveness of the service I was providing to each individual. When I noticed that a significant number of clients were seeking assistance with anxiety, I began my quest to specialize and further my training in anxiety and anxiety treatment. And, being that when there is anxiety there is also depression, I focused my training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has been cited as the most effective treatment for anxiety. From here, it was natural to expand my training in trauma and PTSD. Many of the struggles that clients experience when dealing with trauma also overlap with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This allowed me to focus and participate in advanced trainings for each specialty.

My interest in working with couples was sparked by my fascination of how couples and families interact. How two people bring their life experiences and family cultures together with the goal of blending them into a new family culture of their own. Each partner enters into the relationship with such hope for the future, and they may not understand how or why they find themselves presented with so many challenges and disillusionments. They try and to figure out solutions on their own, but only have the same coping strategies they entered the union with. Helping couples get a deeper understanding of themselves as well as each other, coupled with developing new listening skills, allows them to resolve issues and often fall back in love. Being part of this growth is both humbling and exhilarating.


I completed my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at South East Nova University and am now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 25 years in private practice experience. Prior to private practice, I learned and honed my skills working in hospitals and non-profit agencies. I have held the title of Director of Clinical Services for an agency in Tampa and Clinical Director for a child protection agency, which afforded my advanced experience working with couples and families. I enjoy teaching therapy skills to interns and I am an approved Clinical Supervisor for the State of Florida, supervising new graduates as they work towards licensure. Working in agencies and hospitals has given me a broad range of experience and knowledge. I now specialize in Couples Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD. Over the years I have attended advanced training at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Philadelphia and with the Gottman Institute – a research based program to create stronger relationships. My training in Trauma resolution has been at the Trauma Resolution Center, Miami.

When I’m Not In The Office:

As with my clients, it is important to have a balance in my life. When out of the office I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling and working in my gardens. I also have a fondness for raising and showing dogs.