Does it seem like you and your partner have fallen into a rut lately? Sometimes life can overtake us with all of the issues that require our attention: work, children, etc. There are ways though that couples can keep their marriage lively and have fun together. This can be done without having to go into hiding by taking an extended vacation or breaking the bank either.

Romantic Idea #1: Take a Walk Together

The simple act of walking can be a great way to have fun together and also feel romantic too. Some activities include:

  • Taking an evening stroll together in your neighborhood, hand-in-hand.
  • Exploring a local park or nature trail.
  • Visiting a cultural or historical site.
  • Taking a trip to the zoo, museum, or a garden.

While walking, you can use this time to talk, connect, and share the experience of a mini-adventure. Also, walking is great aerobic exercise that has lots of health benefits all on its own.

Romantic Idea #2: Cook Together

Does one person in your relationship do all of the cooking?  Why not prepare a meal together? Cooking provides an opportunity to communicate with each other, to work as a team, and have fun together. You can dedicate one night a week to exploring a new dish. If neither of you are particularly handy in the kitchen, consider signing up for one of the many mail-away food companies. You go online and select your meals and the company sends you a box with your order and detailed directions for how to prepare them.

Romantic Idea #3: Create Something Together

Another way to have fun together is to create something such as an art project. For instance:

  • Make a ceramic project.
  • Create a painting.
  • Build a woodworking project.
  • Try out blacksmithing.
  • Practice your photography skills.

Some art studios or collectives have nights that are open to the public where you can usetheir facilities.  Community colleges also have these open night events too.

Romantic Idea #4: Learn Something Together

Learning is fun?! Of course it is, especially when it’s the two of you together. Your local college or university will have public lectures and activities. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that the only place to learn is in school. Consider:

  • A ranger interpretation tour at a local or state park.
  • A course in something adventurous, such as scuba diving or fishing.
  • Attending a play, musical, or concert.

Note that learning something together can also be combined with walking together.Everyone loves a two-for-one deal!

Romantic Idea #5: Go for a Driveshutterstock_95305537

A great way to have fun together is going for a drive. This can not only be an activity itself, but you can also combine a drive with going to a fun destination like one of the ideas above. If you want to be environmentally conscious, leave the car in the garage and hop on bikes instead. Bicycling allows you to be more connected to your surroundings, is great physical exercise, and lots of fun!


Quick Bonus Romantic Tip: Turn Off Your Phones

Nothing says, “I’m not present,” than constantly checking your phone. It sends the message that you are distracted and not invested in spending quality time with your partner. On your next adventure together, whether at home or on the road, remember to turn off your phone.

Being able to have fun together is an important part of any romantic relationship. Having fun experiences helps to strengthen the connection between you and your partner. Shared experiences create trust, acceptance, and understanding of each other. Plus it provides a chance to get out and explore your community.  For additional information on how to liven up your marriage or partnership, read Philip’s Couples Counseling page or contact Philip at 813-759-3278.