7 Tips to Overcome Relationship Obstacles

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Have you and your partner been bumping into relationship obstacles? These are things in your relationship that are causing friction, disagreements, and even arguments. However, there are ways that you can overcome these obstacles and strengthen your relationship. Relationship Obstacles Tip #1: Learn to Listen Do you ever find yourself wanting to jump into the [...]

Lonely and Married? How to Reconnect Practically & Purposefully

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Are you feeling disconnected in your relationship? Feeling lonely and married is often confusing and isolating. Both partners feel misunderstood, disappointed, and unhappy. Does this sound like you? You are not alone. However, there are thoughtful, routine ways both of you can reconnect as a couple to fulfill the original hopes you had for your [...]

How Effective Repairs Keep You Connected

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Effective repairs are the key in resolving incidents when someone does or says something that is regrettable. For those couples who have open, honest and positive relationships these regrettable incidents may easily be overlooked and easily forgiven. Their positive interactions act like “money in the bank” against any long lasting discord.  Other couples are challenged on how to make [...]

Friends With Benefits: 6 Reasons Why Committed Sex Is the Best

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Committed sex gets a bad rap. But when you think about the comfort and security of memorizing each other’s bodies, and kicking the pressure to be perfect to the curb, committed sex actually rules. No need to date around in order to find someone who is worthy of having sex with you, and then teach them [...]

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen the Friendship in Your Marriage

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Liz Higgins, LMFTA  //  December 19, 2016  “True friends are never apart; maybe in distance, but never in heart.” This quote rings true for couples. We all want to know the secret to making love last, but what if it was as simple as just being your partner’s friend? Does that sound a little too [...]

3 Daily Habits that will Improve Your Relationship Better than an Exotic Vacation

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I have a recurring fantasy that involves a beach, a margarita, and, most importantly, a hunky husband. You know that one much needed vacation. Like many couples, my husband and I are longing for some alone time—some time to relax, take a break from life, and really connect. But my fantasy flight never gets off [...]

Couples, Keep Your Marriage Lively: 5 Romantic Ways to Have Fun Together

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Does it seem like you and your partner have fallen into a rut lately? Sometimes life can overtake us with all of the issues that require our attention: work, children, etc. There are ways though that couples can keep their marriage lively and have fun together. This can be done without having to go into [...]

Tired of Arguing? How to Improve Communication Skills in Your Marriage

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Does it seem as if you and your partner are going round-and-round, always arguing but never actually communicating? Constant arguing can be a drain on a relationship, and if left unaddressed, can lead to a breakup. However, there are ways that both of you can improve communication skills, and move past the arguing. Take a [...]

Relationship Tips: 7 Ways to Happily Ever After

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Happily Ever After Takes Hard Work:  7 Relationship Tips for Success Keeping a relationship together takes more than just saying “I do.” It takes a lot of hard work and a commitment by both partners to invest the time and energy to maintain it. If you are trying to think of ways to keep your [...]

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